Glenda Wynne and Brett Keister opened VitaZen in January, 2005. They have three children and are residents of Franklin County. Glenda grew up in Bedford County and Brett moved to Virginia in 1994. Both Brett and Glenda have spent their lives taking care of people.

Glenda Wynne

Glenda is a Registered Nurse with a degree in mental health. Glenda started on a path of personal growth which has led her to help others achieve a higher quality of life. Glenda is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Check out The Centre at VitaZen (attached to VitaZen) where Glenda teaches Yoga Classes and holds Workshops.

Brett Keister

Brett is no stranger to hard work, starting his first business when he was 18. Brett has spent over 19 years in the wellness field. He has been a personal trainer & fitness instructor, as well as a Branch Manager for the YMCA. Brett has worked in the supplement industry as a store manager & franchise owner of a GNC before opening VitaZen over 8 years ago

Even their hobbies include physical fitness such as hiking, cycling, working out and yoga! Both of these motivated people have dedicated their lives to taking care of themselves and others.