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Ancient Nutrition Vitamin C + Probiotics



  • Supports a healthy immune defense and support†
  • Promotes healthy antioxidant activity†
  • Supports healthy neuron function†
  • Features 2 billion CFUs* of Bacillus subtilis
  • Features 900 milligrams of Vitamin C


  • Take 2 capsules with 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage

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These capsules take immune health to the next level due to their hand-selected, body-ready, active ingredients. Bacillus subtilis is a soil-based probiotic strain known to withstand heat, bile and stomach acids while delivering benefits like support for a healthy immune response, immune defense and a healthy immune system, healthy digestion† and much more. This clinically studied Vitamin C packs in benefits like support for healthy immune defense and function, antioxidant activity, skin function† and more.







Vitamin C

is known for its powerful antioxidant properties and the ability to support a healthy immune system†. This Vitamin C also promotes a healthy skin function and a healthy nervous system.† Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C + Probiotics provides 900 mg of body-ready C in every serving.



Bacillus subtilis

This soil-based, spore-forming probiotic is known to withstand harsh conditions like stomach acid, heat and bile. This strain works to support normal microflora in the gut, healthy gut function, normal digestion, a healthy immune system and response, in addition to promoting a healthy GI tract.†









Ancient Nutrients – Vitamin C + Probiotics features select ingredients with a wide range of health benefits, including Bacillus subtilis and Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system, healthy intestinal and respiratory mucosal immune response† and much more.


Optimized for Absorption

Our vitamin C is delivered in a gold-standard, liquid metabolite form that maximizes absorption for more sustained benefits, including a healthy response to inflammation. This means your body is retaining more (and you’re generally urinating out less).




Many probiotic strains are fragile and have to be refrigerated in order to survive. Even when you take them, they may not make it into your gut. That’s why Ancient Nutrients – Vitamin C + Probiotics includes , a probiotic strain that withstands harsh conditions like stomach acid and heat and is naturally in the soil. These strains are tough, and they survive without refrigeration.






Day-to-Day Usage

Day-to-Day Usage

We recommend taking Ancient Nutrients – Vitamin C + Probiotics with a large glass of water.

Maximize Experience

Maximize Experience

Make the most of your Ancient Nutrients – Vitamin C + Probiotics by focusing on consuming a nutrient-dense diet full of phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory foods — while avoiding overly processed foods.

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