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Beyond Woofs and Whinnies by Karen Wrigley Infinity Publishing Paperback 153 pages

A series of emails from Dr. Nat Caputi: Got your book yesterday Karen and am already on page 40. I like the way you structured the book with each chapter starting with a short intro to set up the characters and drama, followed by the inspirational piece, ending with the ‘nuts n bolts’ of animal communication. I really appreciate your humble style in how you render yourself in the stories. I have to admit though, the inspirational sections remind me more of what is found (and I have read) in new age-human potential literature, than what I would imagine coming out of animal mouths but I may soon find out for myself. It is as if the animals read the literature and reflected it back to us. Karen, now I can’t stop reading the book. I’m carrying it around everywhere, and the way you wrote the chapters, I can get a chapter in easily in the ‘in-between-moments-of everyday-life’. As I read about the animals, my mind automatically translates into the realities of those high sentient beings (autistic) that I work with who cannot speak in the normal way people speak. Karen, on page 102 now and find it interesting also how you manage to plunge the reader into deep ‘rabbit holes’ in the midst of the storytelling. I have already started practicing on the animals in my life and actually have already altered my perception of them. I need to strengthen that intuitive muscle enough (that you encourage to do) so I can better serve the human sentient beings who cannot communicate to me clearly. The numbers of those with autism and silent is already off the chart and there is no end in sight. By the way, I’m calling you unofficially “The real-life Dr. Dolittle”. “Nat Caputi, PhD, author of Guide to the Unconscious, and an active ‘career guru’ for neuro-typicals and those with profound disabilities including autism Book Review of Beyond Woofs and Whinnies by Sally Rosveare I’ve read several drafts of Beyond Woofs and Whinnies, and when Karen gave me the final proof copy, I read it again. As before, I laughed and cried at what these wise animals said. Each time I read the book I learned something new. This last reading has changed my life. I will stop sweating the small stuff. I will relax more, laugh more, and make more time for my family, my friends, and myself. Karen Wrigley’s book will affect not only my dogs’ lives, but mine, too. And I will read Beyond Woofs and Whinnies again and again. I strongly urge each of you to buy a copy. Sally Roseveare Rebecca Jackson – Smith Mountain Lake Eagle newspaper: “Animal communicator Karen Wrigley has published Beyond Woofs and Whinnies, a book all pet owners and animal lovers should have on their book shelves or coffee tables. If you believe that animals can communicate with people, you will like this book. If you are a non-believer, you will still benefit from, and enjoy hearing, what the animals say and how animal communication works.




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