Santevia Gravity Water Filtration System


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The Santevia™ Water System revolutionizes tap water, creating pure, fresh tasting water that is healthier and more cost effective than bottled water. Using an eight stage filtration and re-mineralization system, the Santevia™ Water System cleans, mineralizes and invigorates your water while adjusting the pH level to mildly alkaline. Add a Santevia™ stainless steel water bottle and you have an environmentally friendly Santevia™ System that will keep you hydrated through the entire day.


SANTEVIA™ Eight Stage Water Process

The Santevia™ Water Process uses a patented five-layer toxin removal and sterilization system shown to produce water that is contaminant free. Its ceramic pre-filter has a pore size of 0.3 microns – blocking bacteria, germs, parasites and particulates.

More than a water filter, the Santevia™ Water Process adjusts your water’s pH to mildly alkaline by reintroducing minerals that promote ionization and oxygenation, helping your body maintain its active equilibrium.

Finally, the Santevia™ Water Process magnetic layer activates water molecules into simple structures for easy absorption.

Santevia™ brings pure, clean, mineralized water into your home or office

Clean, fresh tasting water
Eight stage natural filtration and purification
Infused with essential minerals
Invigorating, magnetic water molecule activation
Alkaline pH helps the body maintain equilibrium
Environmentally friendly
Gravity powered – no electricity or plumbing
Convenient portable size fits any home or office


ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON SANTEVIA. NO RETURNS CAN BE MADE. IF ANY PART IS DEFECTIVE PLEASE CALL 1-866-943-9220 AND THEY WILL REPLACE ANY PARTS. VitaZen stocks & sells the replacement cartridges for the filtration system.



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